The Quest for Better Dental Care Over the years, mankind’s quest for better oral hygiene has never ceased and it was this quest that led to the development of toothbrushes, interdental brushes, dental floss, water, and air picks etc. The last few years have been very exciting as Interfloss joined the quest for better dental hygiene. As a unique father and son team, we (LJ my Co-inventor, and I) designed, developed, and manufactured an incredible device as the next paradigm for interdental cleaning. InterFloss has become the world’s first interdental device that combines traditional interdental brush and dental floss into a single device. Another world’s first is the device’s rotary head which aligns the device to the varying angles of adjoining teeth lines. We call the device interfloss, and it is now available on Amazon, eBay and selected pharmacies in Sydney CBD for an easier and effective interdental cleaning. InterFloss is ergonomically designed with easy to replace heads to make interdental brushing an easier and pleasant experience.

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