We are John and LJ (father and son), Co-Inventors of a revolutionary interdental brush and dental floss solution. I (John) work full time as Project Planning and Controls Specialist, with a Masters in Advanced Engineering and an LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration. LJ is only now approaching his teenage years. The idea of this invention was conceived in 2015 following an intervention from LJ advising me to stop using an interdental brush which was making my gum bleed. He also advised that I get a dental device that would save time on interdental brushing and flossing as I was spending way too much time using both devices. It turned out there was no ONE device which satisfied LJ’s thought process and we leveraged on this opportunity to create one that would alleviate the pain points of consumers in regards to interdental brushing and flossing, and we called it “InterFloss.”

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