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We are John and LJ (father and son), Co-Inventors of a revolutionary interdental brush and dental floss solution. I (John) work full time as Project Planning and Controls Specialist, hold a Masters in Advanced Engineering and an LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration. LJ is a Year 8 student in a prestigious college here in Sydney, Australia.

It took this father and son three years to develop a unique dental instrument called InterFloss. John and his son LJ are originally from Ghana but are based in Sydney, Australia. They now hold the global patent for their design, a revolutionary inter-dental cavity cleaning device. In this interview, they talk about the unusual circumstance leading to their invention designed for better oral hygiene.



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Blessing Mhangami

I’m excited to try this out and finally clean all the hard to reach spots.

Julian Pereira almost

I think you have addressed a very important problem with the interdental brushes; bleeding. I also like the inclusion of the rotary head in your device. Well done.

Fash D

Very good idea. Can’t wait to try it.

Arcel Guilas

I have watched your complain about the interdental brush, the combination of the floss and the brush is a great idea. can’t wait to try this, all this while I have been stabbing my gum with this idea, stabbing of the gum will be no more

Nanayo D

This product is uniquely different from all other interdental brushes and dental floss I have used. “single-handed combined interdental brush and dental floss solution”- Just placed an order and can’t wait to receive delivery.
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Sidney Abiodun